Sunday, 17 June 2007

Is it okay to laugh at button phobics?

Maybe this is un-PC but whilst doing some research for Phunny Phobias I came across a huge repository of information about people with button phobias - there were too many to copy and paste here, so here's just one...

"I have feared buttons as long as I could remember. At first only my family knew, because I thought people would think I was crazy if they knew, now I tell people openly. I don't touch them, because it would be like touching a cockroach. If I touch one by mistake, I would wash my hands for about 30 mins.. I get really disgusted when people have them in their mouth, how nasty is that.

My sister use to chase me around the house with a button, and I would run out the house screaming. But, it feels really good to know there are others, and it is a normal fear. If it has a name please let me know."

Please tell me I'm allowed to split my sides laughing at this.

For the rest, go to the Unusual Phobias site.

Image: Andy Heyward

Monday, 11 June 2007

Enter the geek games

While we're on the subject of Cheltenham Science Festival, we made some friends there on Friday - the Sodarace Team. Man, these guys are good. They've started an online competition to create virtual racing robots. Highly addictive and wonderfully geeky.

Enter here.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Cheltenham Science Festival

If anyone is scratching around for something to do over the next few days - or indeed, feeling the need to drop everything and do something far more exciting - check out the Cheltenham Science Festival. It's on from today until Saturday. We'll be there in force on Thursday, so look out for us doing our festival thang...

Download the programme here.