Friday, 13 July 2007


I'd just like to give the new Harry Potter film a bit of a big-up.

I have to say, I am, firstly, highly cynical about films that get a lot of hype, and secondly, generally never as impressed by a film as by a book on which it has been based. BUT. There's no denying, they've made a damn good job of this one.

Despite being seating in some kind of insane tropical style heat (Vue) until 1am in the morning, I don't think I've enjoyed a film so much in a long time. Dark, chilling and some great exchanges between Ron and Hermione, plus we get to see Helen Bonham-Carter doing what she does best, i.e. acting like a loon, as Bellatrix.

Anyway, go see it. And just to say that here at Null we're all wetting our pants at the prospect of the new book.

Image: Wiki