Monday, 13 August 2007

All kinds of hot

Well it's been a shitty summer so far has it not? I went out into what should have been a beautiful summer's night last night to watch for shooting stars - it pee-ed down.

And it's not just me the cold's been affecting. It's been seeping into the conscious of inventors the world over. Take this radiator for example - keep warm with the coolest household appliance I've seen for a long time - although at just under £7000 a pop it won't leave much money to burn a hole in your pocket.

On a completely different tack, scientists have come up with a new, cheap and effective way to measure the hotness of chillies. It involves spectography, computers and clever algorithms. There was me thinking it just had to involve some chillies and some drunk students, but what do I know?

Saturday, 4 August 2007

You suk

It seems the scientist who became famous for faking his own research may turn out to be a hero after all. South Korean Woo Suk Hwang claimed to have extracted the world's first stem cells from a cloned embryo. I've got no idea what that means personally, but more learned scientists the world over were whoopin' and a wailin' - until, that is, they realised he'd made the whole lot up.

BUT WAIT - analysis now reveals he may have inadvertently produced stem cells from human eggs alone and now the whoopin' has started all over again.

They say cheats never prosper.

Maybe Sean Connery had it right all along, never say never.